ABOUT: Fist 3.2 Schleyer - Baader / Baader - Schleyer

Bloth previously used the fist and the chicken in his work. Shortly after Hans Martin Schleyer was found dead in a trunk in October 1977, Bloth performed a performance with 2 chickens that had been punched or fisted. It was a staged conversation between Schleyer and Andreas Baader. Bloth performed this one evening at the Frankfurter Wohnungs Genossenschaft, which at the time organized a series of evenings in which an international group of artists, including Chris Burden, Wolf Vostell and Allen Ginsberg, participated. So Bloth performed his Schleyer - Baader / Baader - Schleyer there.
Hans-Martin Schleyer was a former SS officer: he was a member of this company from 1933 to 1945. In his capacity as "Beauftragter des Sicherheitsdienstes (SD) der SS für den Universitätsbereich", he was involved in the prosecution of left-wing student leaders. He was also responsible for controlling and looting the industry of Bohemia and Moravia. After his captivity, he was qualified as a "follower" during the denazification and nothing prevented him from building a career in West Germany. He made it into a leading German businessman, eventually representing the new German industry as chairman of two influential organizations, the Federation of German Employers (BDA) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI).
On September 5, 1977, he was kidnapped by the second generation of the Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF) to exchange the first RAF generation, including Andreas Baader, who were then held in Stammheim prison in Stuttgart. That deal fell through. Schleyer was initially detained at an address (Zum Renngraben 8) in a suburb of Cologne for 11 days. From September 16, 1977, Schleyer was hidden for a few days in a house at 266 Stevinstraat in Scheveningen, where they had to disappear after a few days, after the police caught RAF member Angelika Speitel renting a car under a false name. A shootout ensued that she managed to escape. She warned the team in Stevinstraat that Schleyer transferred the same day to a stately building in the Sint-Pieters-Woluwe in Brussels. There, Schleyer was held until he was finally killed on October 18, days after Andreas Baader and several inmates were found dead in their cells. His body was found in Mulhouse in the trunk of a car.
The conversation Baader and Schleyer had in Bloth's fledged chicken staging was not complex and punctual.
Baader: “Kommen sie doch herein herr Schleier”
Schleyer: “Aber dass geht ja Schlecht”
Baader: “Vertrauen Sie Mir; ohne Kopf geht’s gut”
Schleyer: “Das Raum sieht schmutzig aus”
Baader: “ Das sind ja allen Gedanken von her”
Schleyer: “Meine Augen lügen nicht”
Baader: “Im Morgen geht Alles wieder Diagonal”
Schleyer: “Das Reicht”
Baader: “Seien Sie doch nicht so Melancholisch”
Schleyer: “Aber es gibt hier soviel Blut”
Baader: “Wir können den Boden schruppen”
Schleyer: “Sauber machen, ja, immer Gut”
Baader: “Bücken Sie doch, dann gehts besser”
Schleyer: “Machen Sie es sofort”
Baader: “Dein Körper ist so fettig”
Schleyer: “Das Heisst Hier Angst”
Baader: “Habe ich nie gewusst”

Schleyer: “Kommen sie doch herein herr Schleier”
Baader: “Aber dass geht ja Schlecht”
Schleyer: “Vertrauen Sie Mir; ohne Kopf geht’s gut”
Baader: “Das Raum sieht schmutzig aus”
Schleyer: “ Das sind ja allen Gedanken von her”
Baader: “Meine Augen lügen nicht”
Schleyer: “Im Morgen geht Alles wieder Diagonal”
Baader: “Das Reicht”
Schleyer: “Seien Sie doch nicht so Melancholisch”
Baader: “Aber es gibt hier soviel Blut”
Schleyer: “Wir können den Boden schruppen”
Baader: “Sauber machen, ja, immer Gut”
Schleyer: “Bücken Sie doch, dann gehts besser”
Baader: “Machen Sie es sofort”
Schleyer: “Dein Körper ist so fettig”
Baader: “Das Heisst Hier Angst”
Schleyer: “Habe ich nie gewusst”


Come On Let’s Fist Again

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Fist 3.2 Schleyer – Baader / Baader - Schleyer
photo: Mark Rietveld