‪Finally something is done with the recordings and mixes Koen Delaere and I made last years. Our project PLMNGL now comes on 16 dubplates I cut myself and mutilated with a knife. It comes along with handcut sleevs and a beuatiful print by Emilio Gomariz. This all for the occasion of Koen his ‪ongoing series of his research-project 'Solidaire-Solitaire'.
The Oce-artfondations Curator Claudine Hellweg commissioned him to produce a limited amount of works using the facilities of their research and development department in Venlo. ‬

16 unique handcut records each containing a part of a big digital design. Each record holds a unique track of noisy electronics by PLMNGL. PLMNGL is an on-off sound collaboration/performance duo by Koen Delaere and Peter Fengler.‬
PLMNGL 16/1 1/1 spray cuts
The design used is a collaboration by Delaere and Emilio Gomariz printed on cut-up record sleeves and handcut records by Fengler