Tetra Gamma Circulaire 1

First issue of an unknown audio magazine we initiated with DE PLAYER

For this issue we had a jamming at Fylkingen Stockholm and did finishing and saucing in hometown Rotterdam sessions. The boxset is almost autartic. It has audiomaterials in sticker and polyurethane, contains cracklebox in Swedish cracker, has a solarcell, paper turntable with stylus and a noise page with contact mic. Comes in a wooden box with speaker and amplifier. With sound and contributions by George Kentros (se), Lise-Lotte Norelius (se), Johannes Bergmark (se), Lars Akerlund (se), Susanne Skog (se), Kent Tankred (se), Gert Jan Prins (nl), Dennis de Bel (nl), Chiara Arkesteijn (nl), Peter Fengler (nl), Koos Siep (nl)

Limited to 20 pieces - price: 225 euro.
for sale here: http://deplayer.nl/releases/dob-071